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Top Right Photo Illustration “Hummingbird Glide”
@2009 Kim Yvonne Cady


I have always been a peacenik… conflict, especially with deadly ends, really infuriates me. I never have understood the geoglobal perspectives on war and territorial rights. These things are beyond me. But, that, of course, does not stop war.

Innocents of all races, colors, genders, and ages die in the name of religion, country, or passions that are so strong… nothing can stop their movement.

I am glad I live in the United States. It has allowed me to blog unrestricted. I know there are other countries that do not allow this simple thing. Therefore, regardless of the downsides of living in this hugely capitalistic society, I choose to remain here.

Because I do, men & women protect me & others like me by joining the Armed Forces. While I may not agree with the premise of war, I do understand the need of protection. I salute those who protect this country, and those who protect other countries throughout the world. I do not salute those that would bring death & destruction to our door or others. To me those unfortunates are simple thugs.

So, to the people who serve us in uniform… please accept my gratitude. You deserve it.
Photo Illustration “Boy with Flags”
@2005 Kim Yvonne Cady

Butternut is a truly feral cat. Found as a kitten in the “Kroger” parking lot by the “Curves” ladies. Never to be caught… I tempted her with tuna into my PT Cruiser where she proceeded to bounce off the windows with a fury only a truly feral kitten could possess! She pooped & spat & hissed for many days before she was tempted again to go into a large kitten cage.
Even while she shuddered in fear in the cage when I came around, at times she would purr. It took 3 months to finally get her where she could be released in the house. My vet, upon spaying her, loudly said in the waiting room of his practice “Never bring that cat in my office again!”… he was smiling, but, I think he meant it.
Now, Butternut lays on my head in my bed with me at night. She still can’t quite look me in the eye yet and rub her head on my face… too frightened STILL. She looks and blinks and then turns away as if in fear… when she finally does headbutt me on my face… I’ll be in 7th cat heaven!
Photo Illustration “Kitten & the Dragon
@2009 Kim Yvonne Cady

I thought to post this video that I did with the help of songwriter Suzanne Ravigialla & singer Shantel Adams. It is part of a documentary that I directed & filmed focusing on non-lethal soluations to companion animal overpopulation.  For the animals:

Frame above from documentary “The New Humane Movement – Save One at a Time”  by Kim Yvonne Cady @2005

Happy Mother’s Day! This is a special day for all Moms and their families… treat your Mom the best you can… mine is not here anymore, so I will simply remember her spirit, strength, and perserverence… an amazing Mom!

I guess I’m a Mom, no human children, but I do take care of a menejarie of cats, dogs, and one parent! I am the MOM…. and this is the very first year I felt as though I deserve this day to reflect on my Momism.

If you click the link above, you’ll go to Animal Planet’s celebration of animal moms. There is nothing as wonderful as watching moms in the wild..in all their knowledge, fierceness, love, and ways. The way of the wild mom & our domestic companion’s who give birth is miraculous…

To close, I just want to encourage all to be responsible as moms… and also as guardians to your companions. Spay & Neuter your 4 legged friends… there are never too many good moms, but, the babies grow up & slowly but surely the good moms disappear as they try to take care of too many litters too young or too many times.

Please enjoy the day of the Mom, your Mom, your day if you are the Mom & breathe deep in the knowledge that Moms are the reason we all have some idea of how to get along in this world!
Photo (too cute) photographer unknown




This is just a quick blurb about my Virtual Photo Portraits. Since this blog reaches through time and space… across the world, I have found that Virtual Photo Portraits is a wonderful way to work with the original photographer and digitally create a wonderful portrait of his or her companion animal.
If you have a photo that you would love to see as a unique piece of art, through digital enhancement, I will work with you to create a one of a kind portrait from your photo. It is what I love to do & would love to share with you. The cost is very affordable and customized to your needs.
For more information please e-mail anytime! kycady@gmail.com.
Digital Art Portrait “Fireball”
@2009 Kim Cady


When I was living fast & loose in Buffalo, NY, my home for almost 40 years, I mingled with some stellar artists, writers, musicians, and ne’r do wells! I grew up in a hugely bohemian lifestyle that I only now can look back on fondly (LOL). At the time, struggling artists as we were, passion lit our life’s stage. We were ALWAYS drama kings & queens…. waiting for our day in the sun.
Well, some of us managed to make some huge waves as popular artists. Ani DiFranco, singer-songwriter and producer, was 16 when I first saw her on our open stages. She was phenomenal then as now. The Goo Dolls hailed from Buffalo. What can I say – fabulous! These are just some of the more prominent modern successes that had roots in Buffalo, but, Buffalo has many more in it’s Hall of Fame’s unsung & sung talent.
Writers figured prominently in my world. Theater, writing, poetry, coffeehouses – ahhhh… it comes back as a dream & really a good one, despite all the desperation. We were young! Nothing mattered but the moment.
All this reminising is to just give light to the luck I’ve had in meeting wonderfully talented people. One of these is a fabulous writer that I met through the internet. I was honored to feature her work in a website I developed at the time called “Cleverkitty” – a website featuring all things cat. “T.J. Banks” wrote marvelous vignettes of her trials & tribs with her kitty tribe… all through the eyes and ears of one great feline “Derv”… “Derv & Co.” made me laugh & cry. I could, of course, relate… being a proud and fierce catlady myself… T.J. & Derv made relating to a kitty tribe easy for us all.
Then I read her wonderful book “Houdini” – a must have for every young adult. For that matter, for everyone who loves animals. It is a lovely story about Houdini, an abandoned, down-on-his luck Siamese kitten that a little girl he comes to meet. It’s a story of love, life, and renewal. It’s one of those books you just can’t put down!
T.J. has been widely recognized, winning awards from the prestigious Cat Writers’ Association and praise from luminaries such as the late great writer and activist, Cleveland Amory. Her work appears in many anthologies and journals such as Chicken Soup for the Single Parent’s Soul, and the Guideposts’ Comfort from Beyond series.
T.J. is a special star in this universe and I am very proud to call her my friend!
To find out more about T.J. Banks & her writings, please go to: http://www.publishingworks.com/authors/banks_tj.html
or Amazon.com where you can purchase CatSong, Houdini, Souleiado for your library.

Everyday I wake up with hundred things to do; people to meet; schedules to be kept and the future to plan. Then something happens to make me realize all my scurrying about is just such a tiny portion of the activity on this planet. In one moment, my scurrying about could be stopped, stomped, blown away.

I know this sounds awful pessimistic, but, I say by realizing your place in this world and how quickly that place could disappear rendering you a mere blip in a few people’s memories – you become stronger. When you realize that there are most definately much larger egos in this universe and powers that have no ego, only strength, cataclysmic strength; you become a better artist. No longer do you look only through your own mind’s eye to create your art; you start to think about others. When you read the headlines in this chaotic world you shudder at times. Occasionally, you get to laugh and sigh at a new born baby’s picture.

By opening yourself to the tragedies & triumphs of the human spirit, you as an artist can only grow. Reaching out as a volunteer in a cancer ward, working with the Red Cross, even making an effort to get to know that curmudgingly neighbor that hates your cat will help your art. Every snub, every kindness, every connection you make contributes to your catalog of images that run through your head when you are getting so close to creating that masterpiece that’s not quite there yet.

On Friday, April 10th in Murfreesboro, TN, two lives were lost and hundreds more devestated by fierce and unforgiving mother nature. Tornadoes ripped the community apart, destroying property and lives. I heard the winds and saw the sky. We were having storms for a few weeks. You really never know when the “big” ones will occur. You have to ask your higher power to give you the courage & intelligence to get through one of those storms. I know you all face some fierce weather in your communities. Whether floods, firestorms, earthquakes, or hurricanes, mother nature is getting fiercer.

As we realize our options in repairing our world, using less, giving more… perhaps these monsters will abate some. Whether it’s global warming or not – there is no doubt in my mind taking care to use little & enjoy what our earth has given us and giving back – we can live in a safer world. Tragedies occur – they always will. It’s so important that we respect and care deeply for our planet.

I would like to take this moment to remember those in Murfreesboro who lost loved ones and their homes. In my heart I hope you will rebuild your dreams and put to rest those lost. Godspeed.

Photo “Ray of Hope”
@2009 Kim Yvonne Cady

As I progress as an artist & network both off and on-line, I tend to meet the most talented folk! Laura Dumm came to me in a (of all places) a group of email addresses from an email sent to me from a mutual friend. I checked out her website and was so tickled at her amazing art that I had to share my find. Gary Patterson is one of my big favs in feline humor & illustration. Laura now joins him in my book. You must check out her website: www.yessy.com/lauradumm.

In her own words:

“In my off time I do my own artwork. My style is primitive, patternistic and graphic; not concerned with realism but concentrating on creating a mood, usually playful, using a bright color pallette. Some of my influences include, Andy Warhol, Vincent VanGogh and David Bowie. My projects include murals, paintings, illustrations, painted furniture, painted wooden boxes, greeting cards, and cartoons. The painted works are done with acrylic paint. The cartoons are drawn in ink, scanned and then colored using the computer. I also collaborate with my husband Gary coloring some of his black & white cartoon projects, including art for Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor.

I’m a homebody, love to work and am very deadline oriented. Being a freelancer affords me the opportunity to pursue other interests like gardening, cooking and being with my animals. I remain involved with animal rights issues, volunteer at North Coast Animal Rescue, Cleveland, OH and continue to spread the word to prevent overpopulation and unwanted litters by spaying and neutering pets.

I live in a multiple cat household (12), all rescued strays. They are complex little creatures who inspire me every day. The way they move, think and react can be interperated in so many ways and styles. Sometimes quiet, then in a second they turn wild! In 2003 I had a one woman show titled “A Cats Eye View” at SmartArt Gallery in Tremont, Oh. In 2005 I was in a group show at Arts Collinwood Gallery in Cleveland Ohio. I also have a show planned with my husband this October in Cleveland.

My illustrations have been published in Northern Ohio Live and Cat Fancy magazines. I designed a graphic novel for Warner Brothers Independent Films, entitled “A Scanner Darkly” from the novel by Philip K. Dick, to accompany movie version. I designed books for Hill & Wang Publishing, Students for a Democratic Society a graphic history and The Beats a graphic history, both graphic novels. I have done monthly cartoons for the newsletter Pet Press in Los Angeles, Ca., and cat cartoons and illustrations for the e-newsletter The Daily Mews. http://www.thedailymews.com/.”

Laura is truly an amazing artist with wonderful credentials and a great heart… she will bring a smile to your face!

On Left: “Bo” Acrylic on Canvas (18x 24)
On Right: “Artcat” Cartoon & Alterego!
Bottom Middle: Cartoon by Laura Dumm
All Rights Reserved Laura Dumm

I am simplifying my life! This is good. There are so many distractions that take me away from doing anything artistic that I have decided to close down all of those distractions that are not absolutely necessary. I feel that it’s time to concentrate on quality not quantity of the “stuff” that clutters my life.

Where does inspiration really come from? I imagine it is very different for each of us, regardless of the art form we have dedicated our souls to. When I played music and wrote songs, I was young and most of my inspiration came from “youthful angst”. Trials, tribulations, and the heartache of love were paramount in my lyrics. My tunes were primarily B or A minor… creating a yearning musicality… that I loved. I never could write too many upbeat tunes… maybe one or two, but, my primary muse was loss, want, and dying for love. Hey, guess I really wasn’t that different from most of us in our teens and 20s!

Now my inspiration comes from visual beauty primarily. But, honestly, I do not get out enough. By limiting my distractions, this will change. I’ve cut my cable to the absolute minimum… so in case another tornado hits, at least I’ll have some warning! I actually am starting to enjoy Channels 2 through 22… cable really sucked. I kept flipping from CNN to Weather Channel with a misstep that caught some of the Kardashians… yuck! I thought when I did it, I wouldn’t be able to survive… but, survive I have – in fact, life is becoming much more interesting again.

I cut my phone service & only use my cell now. Most of the time, I turn that off! E-mail is a wonderful way to communicate. I can think before I answer…. I have gotten rid of that “itchy finger” syndrome when I really want to send a “screw you” e-mail to a jerk. So, I am a controlled e-mail user… another wonderful thing… self-control… something most artists really underneath… even if they look totally together…. are not.

So, now I am in motion…. cleaning up the cobwebs of distractions. Tapping into my inspiration of nature, animals, and images. I also am becoming serious about my software. No longer will it sit there, unused, unexamined, and useless. My Coral, my Photoshop will be learned! I will not let it master me anymore… because now I will have the time… no more excuses…

Look for great things from me! I will not disappoint… I also will look for great things from all of you… another source of true inspiration!
Photo “AngelFeet CloseUp”
@2009 Kim Yvonne Cady